Wednesday, June 23, 2010

33 Things Life's Too Short For

You know the old “life’s too short” cliché? Well, sometimes clichés turn out to be true. Life is too short. We’ve only got a certain number of years to live and, worst of all, we don’t have any idea how many.

Make sure you’re not falling into any of these life-sucking traps because life’s too short for them.

Life’s too short to:

  1. Stay in a job you don’t like.
  2. Play it safe.
  3. Worry about what other people think.
  4. Stay put and not travel.
  5. Maintain your prejudices.
  6. Be mediocre.
  7. Give up on.
  8. Not spend it with family and friends you love.
  9. Bear a grudge.
  10. Be petty.
  11. Read about things but never do them.
  12. Be mean.
  13. Go on fad diets.
  14. Be indirect.
  15. Wear boring clothes.
  16. Eat junk food.
  17. Hang on to clutter.
  18. Not speak your mind.
  19. Follow the herd.
  20. Try to impress people.
  21. Be grumpy.
  22. Be insincere.
  23. Take too seriously.
  24. Hold on to your fear.
  25. Be stuck in the past.
  26. Daydream away.
  27. Delay doing what’s important to you.
  28. Spend in front of the computer or TV.
  29. Be miserable.
  30. Wish away by living in the future.
  31. Hang on to self-destructive behavior.
  32. Not ask for help when you need it.
  33. Compromise your values.

Is life is too short to stuff a mushroom?

Shirley Conran, author of seventies classic, Superwoman, famously said:
‘Life is too short to stuff a mushroom’. Trouble is, life’s not too short for eating stuffed mushrooms is it? I think it’s a case of making sure your priorities are right and being true to yourself. What do you think? Have I missed anything off the list?
I wish us all a long life but even if it doesn’t turn out to be as long as we’d liked, at least we can make sure it’s happy and fulfilling. Now let’s go out and have a fabulous day.
© Copyright Annabel Candy. Annabel Candy started Get In the Hot Spot to inspire and inform people on how to live their dream. She was born in England, but recently moved with her husband and 3 kids from New Zealand to Australia via Central America . She loves travel, travel writing and living her dream.