Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Being prepared for an Emergency

Weather conditions these past weeks have been challenging - from airports unprepared for extreme weather, counties and neighborhoods experiencing extra heavy snowfalls and icy conditions to unusual highly rain fall and flooding. Regardless of where we live, or what the cause may be, it serves as a reminder to be prepared for circumstances beyond our control and revisit a suggested list of items needed in a case of emergency.

* Water—One gallon per day per person for at least three days if evacuating, two-week supply if home.

* Non-perishable food—canned items: juices, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and low-sodium soup, peanut butter and jelly, granola bars, dry cereal, protein drinks, nuts, cookies, dried fruit, bottled water and boxed milk. Need three-day supply if evacuating, two week supply if home.

* Pet needs—two weeks supply of canned or dried food, water, medications and garbage bags for cleanup, photos of pet in case of separation, food and water bowls, small cage, aluminum pan for kitty litter, bag of litter and scoop, long leash.

* Tools—manual can opener, flashlight, batteries, wrench to turn off utilities, utility knife, small ABC-type fire extinguisher, duct tape, plastic sheeting.

* Communication devices—cell phones and chargers, NOAA weather radio with alert tone and battery backup, hand-cranked or battery-operated radio, loud whistle, local map, poster board, waterproof markers.

* Personal/medical needs—sewing items, scissors, garbage bags, paper towels, cups, plates and utensils, matches in zip-close bag, candles, waterproof portable container filled with travelers checks, cash, bank account info, identification, extra keys, inventory of household items, copies of medical records and records for pets, cars, wills, trusts, Social Security cards, birth certificates, marriage and death certificates, other financial information and insurance policies.

* Sleep needs– small tent, sleeping bag or warm blankets, change of clothing per person appropriate for current weather.

* Infant needs—formula, bottle supplies, diapers, diaper rash ointment, warm change of clothing and blankets.

For more information visit www.ready.gov