Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three of the Most Exotic Restaurants in the Maldives

The Maldives is an aquatic paradise that offers holidaymakers the ultimate island hideaway. Often there is only one hotel per island offering pure escapism and unparalleled luxury. Holidays here are all about the finer things in life; strolling down or relaxing on the beach, water sports and the exquisite dining, be it privately on the beach or in a world class restaurant. The Maldives offers luxury accommodation like nowhere else and this is no different when it comes dining. Here's a look at some of the most exotic dining locations to choose from:

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Conrad Maldives Hotel

Situated 15 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean, this is the only all-glass, undersea, aquarium style restaurant on the planet. Surrounded by the world famous Maldivian coral reef on all sides, dine while manta rays and other exotic, colourful marine life glide by. The restaurant only seats fourteen diners per service so is extremely exclusive. The food at the restaurant is as good as the surroundings serving a world-class fusion of Maldivian and Western cuisines. The restaurant is also famed for its champagne selection and cocktails and each diner is presented a genuine fresh pearl.

The 24 Degrees, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

A far more casual dining experience than Ithaa but by no means casual in its service and quality. The chefs here offer to personalise any dish and this fully al fresco restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 24 Degrees is famed for its traditional Maldivian breakfast dishes but the curries available on the pan-Asian evening menu are what draw people from all over the islands. The traditional Maldivian vegetable curry is a popular choice and the desserts here are worth more than just a mention. Everything is cooked before your eyes in the display kitchen and you can be sure you'll be getting magnificently prepared food made from the finest and freshest ingredients.

The Ocean Pavilion

If you want the most romantic and personalized dining experience available in the Maldives, arrange a meal for two in The Ocean Pavilion. This stunning dinner setting is located around a mile off the coast and surrounded by the Indian Ocean on all sides. It is only reachable by boat and once booked you'll be chauffeur sailed to the venue and left with a mobile phone so you can arrange to be collected. The set menu features a chilled selection including caviar, lobster and champagne and the decor is littered with candles, big cushions and flowers making it the most magically romantic setting.

Author - James H Hunt.