Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Essential Destinations for your 'Bucket-List'

If you’re putting off making one, don’t, you must get started ASAP! Everybody needs a bucket list, for how could you ever forgive yourself if the worst happened and you’d forgotten your lifetime aspirations? As you grow with age and forget about your youth, it’s possible to forget the fantasies which were once all that mattered and become engrossed in the importance of life.

Just about everything in life is achievable so why not get the most out of it? After all, we’re only here once! Most people will think about things such as running a marathon, skydiving, driving a Ferrari and bungee jumping, but what about the places in life we’ve missed? Wasn’t there always just one special place that you had your heart set on visiting? Here are the top 5 destinations good enough for anyone’s bucket list:

1. Paris-What could be more romantic than overlooking the city from above after ascending the Eiffel Tower, walking along the Seine with your fiancee or sipping fine wine sat in the street of an open-air cafe. With the beautiful language filling the streets, sublime restaurants tempting you to dine and precarious nightspots lining the corners, it’s no wonder that this stimulating city is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

2. Australia-Go beyond your wildest dreams and discover the mysterious Ayer’s Rock where you’ll witness one of the most stunning sunsets ever seen. For a trip you'll never forget, stop off at the sparkling Sydney harbour and surrounding golden sands. This cosmopolitan city offers stylish shops, suave restaurants, the infamous opera house and recognisable bridge. See the Great Barrier Reef with your own eyes and if you get chance, explore the bush for yourself.

3. Maldives-Live the dream on one of these sensational islands spread across the sublime Indian Ocean, escaping reality for at least a week. Relax and unwind on your tropical isle, snorkel the crystal clear waters and swim with the creatures of the deep or laze on your lounger with a good book in hand, absorbing the soaring sun rays. As the evenings draw to an exquisite close, watch the dramatic sunset, head out for some fine food then relax with your loved one under the night’s sky with an ice cold sumptuous cocktail.

4. Florida- Treat the child in you and relive your youth in a Disney filled, jam packed holiday. Visit Walt Disney World to meet the mouse himself, Mickey, explore Universal studios to check out Hollywood’s finest stunts and discover how the astronauts jet off into space at the popular Epcot . Every child will love it and each adult alike, it’s one of those things in life you’ve just got to try.

5. Greece-It’s difficult to pick just one as there are so many stunning Greek Islands! Although one stands out like a rare diamond sitting among dull, dusty stones. Think dreamy days, sparkling shores and relaxing nights and you’ve found yourself in Samos. This shimmering island sits proudly in the Aegean Sea and offers everything you could want from a traditional Greek holiday.

Holidays in Samos boast lush green landscapes and small, local tavernas where you’ll be welcomed with a shot of ouzo and open arms, each time you visit.

Laura Elliott
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